Transmitter Level Measurement

Magnetrol’s program of level transmitters includes a number of different working principles.

The mechanical working spring loaded displacer transmitters have through many years of trouble free operation built-up a good reputation being a very reliable instrument. With the ever ongoing development of new working principles the program today includes a number of different transmitters further to the above displacer.

The program today includes the following electronic transmitters: 

- Guided Wave Radar (GWR) with probe adapted for the specific application (boiled feed water, steam atmosphere, interface measurement, acids, high viscous liquids and even solids)

- Magnetostrictive high accuracy transmitters.
- Airborne ultrasonic level transmitters
- Conventionel through air radard transmitters

A further strength in the Magnetrol program, are the combined units. In these units an electronic transmitter is combined with a purely mechanical operated indicator or an electronic transmitter with another working principle. These combined units are particularly attractive in applications with SIL demands are high and two independent measurements required.

All Magnetrol transmitters are supplied as two-wire, loop powered units with analog as well as HART output. Further the electronic transmitters are equipped with PACTware protocol to enable the operator to review signal curves, store data and perform settings directly via his own laptop or PC.

Also for the transmitters with their important functions Magnetrol has of course FMEDA reports incl. SIL classification like also ATEX certificate Ex ia or EEx d is natural part of the supply.

All instruments of course comply to PED regulation and Non Destructive Examination, material certificates etc. can be ordered as part of the delivery.