Chemistry & Petrochemistry

Flow Computors etc.

Instrumentation – all round measurement, displays, operators panels, PLC interfaces and software.

Kessler Ellis Products has a very broad program of instruments to survey and run virtually all process parameters found within the industrial market place, including a complete program for the petrochemical industry – on- as well as offshore.

The program of instruments includes the following:

  • electronic and electromechanical counters, with or without reset and including instruments for batching
  • electronic timers and counters, with or without pre-set
  • instruments for panel mount, for digital or analog input and digital indication of flow, level, velocity, speed, etc. including total or grand total counters. All parameters which can be metered can also be displayed.
  • flow computers for analog or digital inputs – suited for any type of flow meter, with temperature and/or pressure compensation calculation for mass flow or BTU etc. can be delivered and with indication in units required from client.
  • operator interfaces, industrial PC’s, information panels with BCD and ASCII input, programmable panels, slave instruments with RS-232/RS-485 communication and many more instruments, which can mutually communicate in accordance with todays demand re full control with the entire process.
  • KEP software for communication via different bus systems.

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