Please note!
REKORD Flow & Niveau is now fully integrated in the Nordic Engineering Group and the Rekord company VAT has been closed.


Nordic Engineering ApS is an engineering- and trading company, that sells and distributes technical products for flow and level measurement, process- and safety valves including system monitoring within all types of industries.

Nordic Engineering ApS
- Offers individual consulting
- Offers Turn-key solutions
- Provides reliable operation and efficiency
- Provides repair and maintenance service
- Use ISO-9000 certified suppliers

Nordic Engineering ApS acknowledge the fact that the environment has become a global and mutual responsibility, which all companies must relate to. The goal is to secure a continuous liable production, which complies to the demands without compromising our planet.

Nordic Engineering ApS’ suppliers are all working towards these goals, so that we always will be regarded as a positive partner in a co-operation with our customers.



Nordic Engineering ApS
Lykkegårdsvej 3
4000 Roskilde
+45 4594 8000