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Bolt-On Microcell

MICROCELL bolt-on weighing systems has the big advantage that they are simple and cheap to install on existing as well as new tanks and silos. The sensors are installed on the tank legs or other supporting structure without influencing possible running production. The individual MICROCELL is simply screwed to the construction with two M4 screws only and does not require any re-build or changes of the construction.

The weighing cells work under both tension and compression which means they can be installed independently to the degree of filling at the time of installation, and further this feature enables each of the sensors to compensate each other by wind or sun effects on the silo.

Depending on tank location and compression in the legs or other structure accuracies between ±0,5 and ±5% can be obtained by supervision of silos for raw materials, finished products, waster etc.

In particular situations the MICROCELL systems can be used for level indication in the tank.

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